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All aboard!

This November 1st-3rd join us aboard the Fright Train* (serial no. 48983131) for the most amazing ride of your life. This swing weekend will have two streams of classes, tasters, social dancing, performances and competitions, all set in the heart of historical Edinburgh. The event will also include a thrilling murder mystery. Watch the mystery unfold throughout the weekend, and find the killer before it is too late! 

If you are new to swing dancing, and not quite sure what a swing workshop is, then this is the perfect place to start. You will learn marvelous moves, make fantastic friends and dance until you drop dead.
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The handbook is now available! You can access it here.


Tickets are available now on Dancecloud: click here!

Full Pass prices (all classes & socials)
ntermediates: £45
Intermediates Concession: £39
Beginners: £35
Beginners Concession: £29

Social pass prices

All socials: £18

All socials concession: £14

Friday Social: £5

Saturday Social: £10

Sunday Social: £5

Concession prices are for EUSDS members, students, pensioners and low-wage workers.


Fright Train will have two brilliant teaching couples show you their moves.
Ben Cook & Robyn Larsen
Vince and Rafi at Swing Revolution 2019
Vincent Pettavel & Raphael Colman

You may remember Ben from our last Halloween Weekend, Sleepy Hollow Swing. Ben is a London-based swing dancer, teaching weekly classes and workshops for Swing Patrol. He first fell in love with swing a decade ago in Melbourne, and has made the pursuit of spreading joy in his full-time career for the last 7 years. Ben is retiring at the end of this year, so this is one of your last chances to see him in action!

Robyn joined Swing Patrol's teaching team in 2012, and is also the co-leader of the all-girl performance troupe 'The Dinahs', who placed 1st at The European Swing Dance Championships 2013. She has won several other competitions, including at London Swing Festival 2014, London Swing Festival 2015 with the Hotfoot Strutters and and with the Dinahs in 2016.


Together, this London duo will be sharing their knowledge and love of swing dance with all of you, through classes that are sure to be full of joy and energy.

Vince and Rafi are a Leeds-based teaching couple who made their teaching debut 2.5 years ago and have since then taken the swing world by storm. They have a particular interest in 30's Charleston, Jazz rhythms and funky moves, which they recently showed off at Swing Revolution 2019 where they won the 30 second showcase competition with their amazing choreography.


Vince and Rafi always teach classes that are energy, laughter and quick-footed challenges. If you want to learn the secrets of Lindy Hop and Charleston from these two up and coming teachers you definitely need to come to Fright Train!


This photo of Vince and Rafi was taken by Cheeky Rastall Photography at Swing Revolution 2019.

The Mystery

The infamous Fright Train (serial no. 48983131) was the most exclusive swing train of the 1930's, hosting fabulous parties on its cross-country route. However, the train was shut down after the devastating kidnapping of Susie Lindy in 1939. Now, for the first time in 80 years, the train rides again, promising more spectacular swing action than ever before!
Such an event is sure to attract all sorts of wacky characters, and not all of them will have benevolent motives. No one knows what will happen once the train begins its long journey, but the long lonely stretches between stops certainly create the perfect time for a murderer to make their move, don't you think? You better pack your detective's hat and pipe just in case!

The players

Many consider Detective Peabody the third-best detective in the world, having solved such cases as “The Poisoned Trombone” and “The Mystery of the Missing Triple Step”. He is one of many to try, and ultimately fail, to solve the case of Susie Lindy’s kidnapping. If he can solve it this November, he will finally prove himself the greatest detective in the world.

Detective Peabody

Charleston is Lady West Coast’s loyal butler and inseparable right hand. She proudly attends to her every need and shares plenty of gossip, dances and secrets with her.


Fright Train’s joyful and bubbly train conductor is a beacon of joy to all passengers. With a vast knowledge of all passengers and questionable sense of timing, Mr. Basie keeps the train running smoothly and ensures all its passengers are having a great time.

Mr. Basie
Mr. Lindy

As the oldest living member of the Lindy family, Mr. Lindy celebrated his 100th birthday by purchasing and refurbishing Fright Train. His grumpy and quirky personality
may throw some off, but none can deny his love of swing and the Fright Train of his youth.

Lady West Coast

Lady West Coast is the austere matriarch of the West Coast family, and always seeks to uphold her family's honor. She is famous for her lavish dress sense, quick temper and vast collection of antique thumbtacks. As with any West Coast family member, she has a bitter hatred for the rival Lindy family.


Jives became Mr. Lindy’s butler
three years ago, after his last
butler passed away. As a butler, Jives is clumsy and easily distracted, and she is much more interested in detective work. Her biggest idol is the great Detective Arthur Peabody.

Thanks to Mateusz Mojsak for taking these fantastic photos.
* Disclaimer: Event not actually on a train.
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