Our teachers Jamie & Katie have been a core part of the society for a long time, Katie being a member since 1999 and Jamie being one of the founders of the society. Together, they brilliantly teach all our Monday classes, while sprinkling in plenty of laughs and swing anecdotes.

Jamie and Katie dancing at University ofS Swing 2018


Meet your 



As President, I oversee the running of the society by chairing meetings with the committee and moderating discussions. My role is to ensure that the society sticks to its aims, and that all voices of society members are represented.


As Treasurer, I am responsible for all the finances of the society. I will be making sure every penny we have is transformed into dancing joy through a little bit of spreadsheet magic.


As Secretary, I take minutes at meeting, respond to any emails and make sure you always have a venue to dance the night away in.  


As Publicist, I am responsible for broadcasting everything related to EUSDS. You'll see me doing the weekly Monday announcements and managing our social media, website and weekly newsletter.


As Social Secretary, I organise all manner of get-togethers, social dances and fun to give all our members a good time.


As Head Events Organiser, together with Emily and Mateusz, I’m here to organise stellar and the most memorable workshops for you! I’m in charge of organising our venues to make sure you have a fabulous place to dance!


As an events team member, together with Kellian and Mateusz, I’m here to organise stellar and the most memorable workshops for you! I’m in charge of looking after our teachers to make sure our events are enjoyable for everyone!


As an Events Team Member, together with Kellian and Emily, I’m here to organise stellar and the most memorable workshops for you! I’m always on hand to help out! 

Phoebe -
Events Coordinator

As your teaching and performance coordinator this year, I’ll be organizing the classes that will help make you awesome dancers and the performances that give you a chance to show off your newfound awesomeness! I look forward to working with you all!

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As an Advisory Board Member I provide a helping hand. I will try to make your experience as amazing as it can be and provide you with very stylish merchandise. You may also find me designing beautiful digital material for our events.

Jon -
Events Coordinator
James - Teaching/Performance Coordinator
Alejandro -
Advisory Board Member
Chloe -
Advisory Board Member
Laura -
Events Coordinator