University of Swing 2020 is Canceled

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience with us over this past weekend. After much discussion, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the event. To continue with it as if nothing was wrong would be a disservice to the community we love and want to keep safe.

This isn’t a decision we make lightly. The event being so close at hand means that, regardless of our reasons for cancelling, we’re committed to paying the vast majority of the weekend’s expenses. We’re working tirelessly to recover any costs that we can but currently it looks as though EUSDS is set to take a massive financial blow from this decision. It’s with a heavy heart, therefore, that we ask you to consider whether you can absorb a portion of the cost of your ticket. If a number of you do this, it’ll ensure that we will not lose more money than we currently have. 


Of course, this only applies if you are able to support this expense to yourself. A consequence of the coming shutdown will be financial hardship not only for organisations like ours but for individuals, particularly freelancers and those in the performing arts, such as our bands and teachers. They have all been very understanding of this situation and some of them have even agreed to take a pay cut in order to support us. We’re very grateful to them, and will be releasing more information over the coming days as to how you can support them and learn from them if you wish.

If you would like a refund for your ticket, please email us at eusds.workshops@gmail.com with your full name as well as your order number and the amount you would like to be refunded by.  We will then email you to let you know when we have processed your refund. This process may take a couple of days, so we ask that you be patient with us. Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to reimburse attendees for their travel/accommodation. 

For those of you who ordered a t-shirt, please let us know if you’d still like it! We’re happy to send it to you/pay for postage, although if you’re a student who’s returning to Edinburgh after the summer we will ask you to collect it then.


Thank you again for all of your support and patience. We’re bitterly disappointed that we’re having to make this decision but we feel that it’s for the best. We hope to see many of you on the dance floor soon. In the meantime, we’ve created a facebook group for local dancers to get us through the isolation period. Feel free to join it and fill it with ideas that will keep us all dancing: Cov-Ed-19 (Edinburgh Swing Dancing Through Isolation). If you have any questions, please contact us via email and we will endeavour to get back to you soon.

Love, the UoS team